A field for user-defined classification/category/type on Skuid pages

I’d like to be able to add my own classification/category/type for my skuid pages. This would allow me to filter & sort the list view of pages according to my own purposes. It would be nice to just have a text field on the page object and have it appear on the packaged skuid page list page. That way it would be supported during upgrades and I wouldn’t have to swap around all the packaged stuff just to see a useful new field.

You should be able to add a custom field to the pages object.  Then you should be able to create your own version of the Pages list page (Not in the Skuid module)  The object is managed and so I’m not exactly sure what happens to your custom field when you install an upgrade of SKuid.  But hopefully you’ll be good… 

I may use this technique in future implementations.