A cloned skuid page works differently than the original page immediately after cloning

We have a custom page built on custom objects. It has 3 tabs, each referencing a different object. The models have a condition for a Master object id to equal the id in the page URL. I can preview the page for a specified master id, and all 3 tabs appear on the preview.

I clone the page in the skuid page builder, using the Clone button. I immediately preview the cloned page for the same master record, and only 2 of the 3 tabs appear.

I have gone to the View/Edit XML pages of the original and the clone and copied the xml into text files for comparison, and there are no differences between them.

What happens with the page clone that the clone would not act exactly like the original immediately after the clone process?

Other discussions in this forum seem to talk about the records in the models on the page being cloned (or not), but I don’t understand how a page’s model would contain any actual records. That makes me wonder if I really understand what Clone in the page builder is doing.

My goal is to make a copy of a working page in order to test potential changes without disturbing the working version. Then, I will either replicate those changes to the working original or copy and paste the applicable xml from the copy to the original.

Help is appreciated. I am only a couple of months into developing with salesforce and skuid but have lots of experience on other platforms.

Well, I thought it was the length of the cloned-page name - about 36 characters. But I can add characters after the “__clone” suffix – just not MY NAME! If the suffix on the clone is “__cloneMike” the clone fails! If it’s “__cloneMiky” or “__cloneMikD” it works!  Have fun with THAT one!

The only reasonable solution is to legally change your name. Looks like you at least have a work around until the name change is effective.