A better way to manage Skuid page/pageassignment/etc. migrations?

There’s a long, possibly useful thread on environment management / migration here but that thread is 5 years old at this point. As new customers, we’re curious if there are any advancements in this area since then. We’re gearset and gitlab users, if that matters.

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Welcome to Skuid bbendick - glad you are here.

That thread does still represent the challenges and most of the tools available for distributed development in SFDC and Skuid. There have been some advances though.

  1. SFDX has enabled scripting medatadata deployment of most items in the Salesforce world. This is a huge step forward. I assume you are using it alongside gearset.

  2. Skuid has released an SFDX plugin for incorporating pages and modules into that metadata movement process. Check it out and install here. If you already have processes in Gearset that call SFDX CLI scripts - these can be extended to refer to Skuid Pages - and include those pages in your source control.

Its still not a perfect environment, but we’re making progress.

You might also look at our help docs on CI/CD processes.