8.15.7 Release Issue?

Yup. Another page with the same symptom. “Empty Cache and Hard Reload” fixes the issue.

Console message:
e.createConditionsFromXml is not a function

I looked into this with Barry and it’s been confirmed to be an issue with Chrome version 53 and beyond.

To add a little color to this - What appears to be happening with Chrome v53+ is that objects are “losing” their prototype methods. This could be due to garbage collection or some other issue within Chrome and/or its JVM. For example: When a component is initialized (e.g. skuid.component.Component) it has the full compliment of properties and prototype functions, etc. However, after that instance is stored off in a property, when that property is accessed, the prototype methods are gone (although the properties remain). The problem is intermittent and does not repro every time. We were not able to reproduce in Chrome v51 or FF. Given that its intermittent in v53+, just because we couldn’t reproduce in v51 or FF doesn’t mean it “won’t” happen there but it doesn’t appear that it does. The best way to further isolate is to create a simple html page with some javascript that defines an object and stores off a reference and then see if further access to that object retains the object. If this was done, a bug could be filed with Chrome to resolve.

All - Jared reported the issue that was captured here in the OP.  I’ve done some further analysis and confirmed that this definitely appears to be a Chrome 53 issue.  See details at http://community.skuid.com/skuid/topics/runtime-js-2-uncaught-typeerror-e-createconditionsfromxml-i….

Thanks for your research here Barry.  Really appreciate it.  Not too happy with Chrome in the past few weeks… 

Yeah, the last couple versions of Chrome have been incredibly frustrating :frowning:

Chrome bug filed at https://bugs.chromium.org/p/chromium/issues/detail?id=647887…  

Follow the post at http://community.skuid.com/skuid/topics/runtime-js-2-uncaught-typeerror-e-createconditionsfromxml-i… for updates as they relate to Skuid side of things.