(8.10) A Skuid Model, '_TempModel_###########', requested a field...

Started seeing errors like this in 8.10:

A Skuid Model, ‘_TempModel_1464213870354’, requested a Field with relationship name ‘AccountId’, on the Staff__c Object, but Skuid could not find a valid Field accessible through this relationship name. Please check that this Field actually exists on this Object (or on any related Objects). If it does not exist, remove it from this Model.

There isn’t and never has been an AccountId field on the Staff__c object.

Affecting multiple orgs, mulitple objects. What are these “Temp Models”?

Hey Matt - Not sure why AccountId is showing up in this case since it doesn’t exist on Staff__c but I believe the TempModel##### stuff is related to table filters that have a filter property value of “Automatic” for the “Pick Options and Conditions” property.  It’s also possible the same naming convention is used under the covers for other purposes.

Do you have a table on the page and an automatic condition?  If so, possibly try removing that filter and recreating it?  Wild guess but possibly you created the table and added the filter and then changed the model of the table?  Completely guessing of course.

Hey Matt,

A change in Skuid started surfacing errors from soql queries a little better. So I’m guessing this error was always happening, just not being surfaced. If you grant login access following these instructions, I’ll take a look and try to see what’s going on.


Not sure what I was thinking when I typed this last night since the name TempModel implies it’s a model not a condition.  

Automatic conditions contain “autofilter” in their name.  I believe “TempModel” is used for automatic search on reference fields.  Possibly on one of your reference fields there is a search field for AccountId stuck in the XML somewhere?  

I’m guessing Ben will likely figure this out quickly but you could try searching your XML for AccountId and see if anything pops up.

Thanks, Ben. Let me nail down a few places where this is happening, and I’ll send access and a list.

Just granted access and sent an email. Thanks in advance!


I think Ben’s hunch was correct: we just started surfacing model errors that happen after initial Page Load, so this was always happening, but it was being shown. I think the issue is that the Primary Staff field in your Interactions table has a Search Template which contains {{{AccountId}}}. Since you are using the Picklist renderer, I don’t think you need a search template anyway, so if you remove it, does that fix the issue?

That works. Thanks!