(12.0.2) Using a Filter on a v2 page causing page to not render/load

Following the 12.0.2 on Salesforce update. The page cannot be previewed and results in a blank screen. Occurs when putting a Filter Set + a filter anywhere on a page.


Definitely did not occur prior to this recent update as I have v2 pages built without this issue.

Currently, it is not affecting any deployed v2 pages prior to 12.0.2 using a filter set. I have not deployed anything with the current release update.

Tried changing up the DSS settings/switching to a different DSS, however issue still persists. Is there a workaround for this?

There are some known issues with filters in V2 pages that we are working through as quickly as we can.  Especially if you have a manually configured filter… Can you post a screenshot of the configurations on your filter?  

No changes were made to the filter configuration, simply adding a filter causes the issue. Automatic or manual, issue occurs. (v2)

Regarding v1 filters:

Recently (within the past 1-2 months) there have definitely been issues with Manually configured filters which are set to specify/select conditions (as you mentioned).

This can include Date/Numeric Range filters, and Toggle filters (which by default manually select conditions).

In a V2 page, when an automatic filter does not have a field selected,  you will get an error.  We need to trap that error better,  but that’s what is going on in this case. 

I’d love some more specifics on the V1 errors.  Know that we keep digging through the possible combination of arrangements - to make sure they all work.  But filters are one of those corners where the number of options makes it pretty impossible to get 100% regression coverage.   I know that sounds like an excuse…  But you guys never cease to surprise us with the creative ways you configure our product.