1-click Create Note from an Activity Comments

Hey Skuid Community! I’ve got a good one here and brainstorming the best ways to achieve this, ideally with as little (or no) code as possible.

I’m building a page for a sales acquisition team. They mainly work with activities - logging their contact type (call, email), etc., while putting in the comments/description of what that contact detail was. The problem is that when the customer moves into my retention side, they use and operate solely in notes. Now, I don’t want to have the acquisition team log a note for every attempt/contact, b/c many of the activity descriptions are pretty useless down the road.

So here is my attempt - I want to add a button that will allow the consultant to click it and automagically create a note with the text of the activity description. This way, when the acquisition team deems the content important enough, they can create the note without any duplicate entrys, copy/paste, etc.

Any thoughts on how to achieve this in the Skuid framework?

Any and all suggestions welcome!

From the description you gave it is fairly simple. Add a model for each type, when your guys create an activity use a custom save button, save the activity and then also have the button add a row to the note model and on the same action update the note fields with whichever activity field you want copied over.

Thanks David. Where I am stumped is how do I take the text out of the Activity Comment and use that text to populate the Note Body. Also - how do I ensure that the new note is related to the correct Parent Id for the Note?

By Activity I assume your team is using Tasks?

Even if not and they are using a custom object called Activity the attached screen grab should point you in the right direction.

On the save button, use multiple action, select save your Activity, then add a new action for create new row on the Note model. You will see a small plus sign on this action… it lets you fill in field details.

By using


as the entry for the Body field on Note it will insert the details field from Activity.

(note : this command is case sensitive … eg {{$Model.activity.data.0.details}} for example … wont work.)

By using this you can work your way inserting whatever fields you want on Note and then add a last action to save the record.

Hope this helps.


Awesome. Freaking awesome. Working like a charm! And, I’m not a programmer, but - I completely understand the logic that you shared. It’s working and I’ve already expanded it. Thank you!

Great … glad I could help