Wanted to reach out to the community about a naming issue

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Kasey from Skuid Product Content here: 

If you’re a Skuid builder, you’re probably familiar with Conditional Rendering, a feature that allows you to show or hide a component based on set logic. A few years ago, we added Conditional Enabling, which makes a component editable (or not) based on logical conditions. Both of these are collectively referred to as Conditional Rendering, and are nested under the Rendering tab in components.

However, this is a little like defining a word by using that word within the definition.  Moreover, if we want to add additional “conditional” features, it might be better to have a different collective term for the concept of conditional component actions (changing how a component looks on the screen based on a set of conditions)--and this will likely result in re-naming the associated tab where those features are found.

Internally, we’ve narrowed it down to the following, but I’d like to get feedback from our community of  experienced Skuid builders.  Which of the following works best for you--and would take the least cognitive load to adjust to?

1. Display Logic -- Display logic tab

2. Display Logic -- Logic tab

3. Display Conditions -- Display Conditions tab

Vote for just one!  Voting is open now--and will close EOD March 15.

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Posted 6 months ago

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Conditions belong to models. Rendering is display logic. A tab named Logic suggests a lot more than rendering/enabling/display.

Of the available choices: 1

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I suggest Option #4 --> "Display Rules"...as in rules that determine how your data is displayed to users. Conditions determine what data is displayed to users (I agree with Mike on that point), and logic seems too technical to me (Skuid is for regular people to build apps, not developers).

As part of these "Display Rules" ;) could we also have access to design variants in a future release? For example, if checkbox = TRUE, display component with red background.

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1 works for me, but I could go with Conlan's recommendation as well.  

This did trigger a related feature that would be very helpful to add, which is to have rendering and enable logic connect more intelligently to the data in a model.  Currently you can check the first row of a model, but it would be helpful to evaluate if any rows contains a value.  This would allow for a control table to drive what users have access to in the UI.  Then you can just add or remove rows to the control table to map the features you want to enable for users.
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Winner winner, chicken dinner...

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Chicken dinner indeed!