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Can I merge in a line break using the "update field on a row" action where the field is a text area?

Like so:
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Posted 3 years ago

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Hi Chandra

You can add in '&nbsp' as many times as you like to add a line break as long as you need. 
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Hey, all,
I tried Gregg's solution, and it looks like what you might need is 
The   did successfully add a space (not a new line), which was a great tip to know that character entities work within the "Update Field on a Row" action! Great find.
Hope that helps you, Chandra.
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Not the most direct way, but you can also accomplish this by creating a formula field in a UI-Only model, where the formula contains the text and merge syntax you want to display in quotes. For example:

Note that the entire formula is in quotes, including your line break and merge syntax. You can then use the action framework to update a field on a row using the global merge syntax for this formula field, {{$}}.
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Hi Khamla,

I'm wondering how you made this work, as i tried exact same thing and i get this syntx error

Invalid syntax for field formula: "Date: {{Date_fax_received__c}} Data Entry Completed By: {{Data_Entry_completed_by__c}} SSN Duplicate Check Result: {{Dupliacte_status}} Email Address Duplicate Check Result: {{Dupliacte_status2}} DBA Duplicate Check Result: {{Duplicate_status3}}". SyntaxError: Expected "!", "&", "=", "and", "or", "|", [ \x0C\n\r\t\x0B  ᠎ - 

 ], [/%*], [<>], [\-+], or end of input but "\"" found.

And this is my UI field syntax:

"Date:   {{Date_fax_received__c}}       
Data Entry Completed By:   {{Data_Entry_completed_by__c}}       
SSN Duplicate Check Result:   {{Dupliacte_status}}       
Email Address Duplicate Check Result:   {{Dupliacte_status2}}       
DBA Duplicate Check Result:   {{Duplicate_status3}}"

Pls let me know if did anything wrong

If i put quote and + signs it works but no line break. Example:

"Date: " + {{Date_fax_received__c}} + "    " +
"Data Entry Completed By: " + {{Data_Entry_completed_by__c}} + "    " +
"SSN Duplicate Check Result: " + {{Dupliacte_status}} + "    " +
"Email Address Duplicate Check Result: " + {{Dupliacte_status2}} + "    " +
"DBA Duplicate Check Result: " + {{Duplicate_status3}}