Lightning - skuid page edit but Parent doesn't update

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We are migrating our org from a fully Skuidified Salesforce to Lightning + Skuid.  I've run into an problem, and hoping there is a fix.

We have a Lightning Detail page, let's say it is the Account page.  I have a related list of Contacts, using the SF out of the box related list.  I have decided to override the "Edit" button on the Contact object with a skuid page so I can conditionally show or control fields or other logic when my users edit.  My steps:

1) Create a Skuid Page "EditContact_LEX" that has a contact model taking the id from the URL parameter.  My "Save" button saves my contact model.  After save, I redirect the user back to to the Account detail page (Action framework: navigate to url: /{{Account.Id}}

2) Build a lightning component to call the Skuid Page, markup like this:
<aura:component implements="lightning:actionOverride,force:hasRecordId" access="global">
<skuid:page page="EditContact_LEX" id="{!v.recordId}"/>

3) On my Contact object setup > Buttons Links and Actions > I've overridden the Lightning and Mobile native "Edit" action to show my lightning component, which calls my Skuid page.

Testing this, when I click Edit from my Contacts related list, I go to my Skuid contact edit page and the context correctly pulls in.  I Save, and I get redirected to the Account detail page (lightning page.)  BUT....  my changes don't show in my contact related list.  If I re-load my browser / Account page, then my changes show up.

So, it is like the Account detail page was cached or something, and didn't update after I saved my contact edit from the skuid page, even though I was redirected there.  My Lightning contact related list is out of the box, so no custom component I can "refresh" somehow.  Or can I??  Can I somehow in my Contact Edit Skuid page tell my account page I want a REAL reload?
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Posted 2 weeks ago

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Anyone using Skuid + lightning figure out a way to get the page to refresh?
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I know that skuid actions allow you to Publish Event to "Lightning : Show Toast Message". Is there any support for e.force:refreshView that you can do from a custom lightning component code?