Epic Filter Puzzler with Campaign, Account, and Custom Object.

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Hello All, 

I'm trying to do something a little challenging that I thought I figured out, but I have been going around in circles. I tried doing this a year ago, and gave up. I’ve spent the past 2 days wrangling this bad-boy.  I’ve gotten a little further this time, but it is still not working.

Is what I’m am trying to do even possible? If so, what am I missing?

What I think I figured out is that I cannot do this with a simple subquery because they require record IDs and I need the Name field. I can’t get to the Name field without the ID and the ID limits the set of account records. SO I set up a condition that says filter Account records by matching on the Name field in the TargetCompany object — Inactive.  And I set up a 2 condition with a subquery that matches Account ID on the Account records to the Account ID on the TargetCompany object, subquery CampaignID = ID in URL. I then have the first filter activate the second (details below) I’ve succeeded in getting the Target Account Names into filter as values, but this values don’t appear to be filtering the account records (nothing really happens.)

I’m attaching screenshots and a description below with the hope one of you far smarter than me can figure this out (!)
We created a Campaign for each engagement. We then add Accounts to a custom object called Target Company. (We call Accounts "Companies"  . . . ) In recruiting, target companies are typically competitor companies out of which employers recruit talent. 

The Target Company is linked to the Campaign Object and to the Account/Company Object.

1. I want to pull up a list of Accounts/Companies in a table on the Companies object filtered by the Company Name field (not the ID field) on the Target Company object.  I don't really want to limit match on the Account/Company ID of a single Company record. We set up Account/Company records for each office location at a company.  The text of the company name is identical for every Account/Company record for a company. Consequently, I would prefer to do a match on the text of the company name because we have kept the company name identical across all company records for a single company.  

What I've done so far is:

1. Create a Condition on the Accounts model
Content: Field from another Model
Source Model: TargetCompanies
Source Field: Company__r.Name
Field: Account Records where Name
Operator: Is
Value: Account records where Name is the value of the Company__r.Name field from the first row on the TargetCompanies Model
State: Off by Default

2. Create a Condition on the Accounts model
Field: ID
Field: Account Records where Id
Operator: Is in the set of values
Value: Specified by returning Company__c from a subquery on the Target_Company__c Object
State: Off By Default

Field: Account Records where Campaign_r.Id
Operator: Is
Value: Id parameter in the page's URL
State: Condition is always on. 


Filter Type: Select Option
Model Condition to Affect: Companies
Create Filter Off option: Checked
With Filter to Autocomplete at X items: 100
Source:Rows in a Model
Source Type: Rows i a Model
Merge Source: TargetCompanies
Option Label Template {{Company__r.Name}}
Which Conditions will this Source’s Options affect: Default Condition and others
Value to inject into Default Condition: {{Company__r.Name}}
Model Condition: TargetCos

What isn’t working:

Filter Values do show up in the filter, however the values do not return Account record with that name. Is there a way to get this to work? Also, is there a way to have the values sort alphabetically?

What I’d Like to do next: Contacts

1.I would like to then to create a Contact filter for Contacts attached to the Company records that match on Name, as well as on 2 pick list fields from the TargetCompanies object that have a matching pick list on the Contact. TargetObject: Equivalent_Function__c and Equivalent_Level__c. Contact object it is Contact_Function__c and Contact_Level__c. 

2.When we find a Contact that's right and want to add it to the Campaign as Campaign Members, is there a button I could set up that we could click to attach the Contact as a Campaign member? (The campaign ID in the URL param and in the Target Company = the campaign to which I want to attach the members.)


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Krista.  I'm sorry - you've obviously spent a lot of time documenting this problem, but I think there are a few missing pieces that are making it tough to understand what you are trying to get done and what your data model is.  Can we set up some time to do a screen share and walk through the situation?  I'm tied up till Wednesday.  Can you let me know when would be good to talk?  You can reach me at Rob -AT- Skuidify.com

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