Drilldown donut segment doesn't recognise parent segment selection on clicking of second segment

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I am trying to display a donut that when clicked opens another donut, that when clicked again opens a table displaying the records. There are essentially two conditions the table needs to remember when the user clicks on the second donut segment. 

To do this I am using two models. One aggregate (due to the number of records) and one basic model, used to display the final results in a table format.

The first donut (on the aggregate model) splits on the Current_Membership_Bundle__r.Bundle_Membership_Class__c.

I then go on to set a condition from the clicked segment on the table model named "AllAccounts" (see screenshot)

This drills down into another donut (again on the aggregate model), which splits on the Account_Type__c. Again I set the model condition on "AllAccounts". (see screenshot)

At this point, when the user clicks on the Account_Type__c segment I'd expect a table to load on the "AllAccounts" model. I'd expect conditions to have been applied to the;
Current_Membership_Bundle__r.Bundle_Membership_Class__c field (set in the first donut)

Account_Type__c field (set in the second donut)

See screenshot of the table model

For the first account type selection i click, I am displayed the correct number of records. When I close the pop up, and click another segment, the models loads with the correct Account_Type__c selection, but not the correct Current_Membership_Bundle__r.Bundle_Membership_Class__c selection. In fact it seems to have removed what was previously in this condition.

How do I resolve this issue, so the Current_Membership_Bundle__r.Bundle_Membership_Class__c selection is retained on second click?

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Glenn Daly

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Posted 7 months ago

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Hey Glenn,

I thought what you have setup is pretty solid so I can't think of what's the issue on top of my head. However, it might help to isolate this in a separate page to really see what's going on.

My suspicion is: Do you have 2 grouping conditions for your Aggregate model? I'm wondering if that might be what is causing the issue?

I tried to reproduce what you're doing, and I found that if I have 2 separate models for the 2 charts, it helps with clarity and it seems to work for me as expected (screen recording, I don't have the same custom objects, so I'm filtering using Property__r.Property_Type__c and StageName instead, but same concepts) 
  1. First Model for first chart: 
    Aggregate model that counts Id grouping by Current_Membership_Bundle__r.Bundle_Membership_Class__c (let's call it MemClass). Be sure to remove the drilldown context (that extra "Id of records in Id of rows in context")
  2. Second model for second chart drilldown:
    Basic model (NOT query on page load - for performance) that has Current_Membership_Bundle__r.Bundle_Membership_Class__c condition. The donut chart for this model (the drilldown chart) is set to count Id split by Account_Type__c
Then activate conditions and query the 3rd model to display the table in the popup like you have. 

Hope that helps!
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Glenn Daly

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Thanks very much Huyen, that's really helpful. 

I've ended up creating a new aggregate model for the account and starting it all again, removing some of the unnecessary duplicate conditions.

My new aggregate model:

Aggregation = countId
Conditions = Current_Memebership_Bundle__c != ''
Groupings = Current_Membership_Bundle__r.Bundle_Membership_Class__c

On second click of the child segment, the table now displays the correct records, including the parent segment selection.