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I've read the community posts and the developer docs about getting the running user's session ID using XXX. But I can't get it working in my JQuery function below.

The function runs SOQL database queries based on input text using JQueryUI autocomplete. It needs to make a connection to Salesforce using the session ID, but it fails, giving an error in the console:
Uncaught {faultcode:'sf:INVALID_SESSION_ID', faultstring:'INVALID_SESSION_ID: Invalid Session ID found in SessionHeader: Illegal Session', detail:{UnexpectedErrorFault:{exceptionCode:'INVALID_SESSION_ID', exceptionMessage:'Invalid Session ID found in SessionHeader: Illegal Session', }, }, }

I've tested the function by hard-coding the session ID and it works fine, so I just need to nail this issue. Here's the code, appreciate any help:
skuid.$(function() {
//Establish a connection to Salesforce using the
//sforce.connection.init(sessionID, ServerURL) function.
var template = "{{$Api.Session_Id}}"; //This isn't working!
var sid = skuid.utils.merge('global', template);
var server = ""; //** Will address this hardcoded URL shortly **
sforce.connection.init(sid, server);
var jsList;
minLength: 2, //Minimum number of characters user must type before search commences
delay: 350, //Delay in milliseconds before the database call is made
source: function(request, response) {
var st = request.term;
jsList =[];
var query1 = "select Id, Name, ShippingCity, ShippingState, ShippingPostalCode from Account where Name Like '%"+st+"%' limit 20";
queryResult1 = sforce.connection.query (query1,null);
var records1 = queryResult1.getArray('records');
var obj = {
label: records1[i].Name + " " + records1[i].ShippingCity + " " + records1[i].ShippingState + " " + records1[i].ShippingPostalCode ,
value: records1[i].Id,
icon: 'icon-heart icon-2x icon-fixed-width'
var query2 = "select Id, Name, MobilePhone, Email from Contact where Name Like '%"+st+"%' limit 20";
queryResult2 = sforce.connection.query (query2,null);
var records2 = queryResult2.getArray('records');
var obj = {
label: records2[i].Name + " " + records2[i].MobilePhone + " "+ records2[i].Email,
value: records2[i].Id,
icon: 'icon-male icon-2x icon-fixed-width'
var query3 = "select Id, Name, Title, Email from User where Name Like '%"+st+"%' limit 20";
queryResult3 = sforce.connection.query (query3,null);
var records3 = queryResult3.getArray('records');
var obj = {
label: records3[i].Name + " " + records3[i].Title + " "+ records3[i].Email,
value: records3[i].Id,
icon: 'icon-user icon-2x icon-fixed-width'
select: function( event, ui ) {
var uivalue = ui.item.value;
window.location.replace(""+ uivalue); //** Will address this hardcoded URL shortly **
}).data("uiAutocomplete")._renderItem = function (ul, item) {
return skuid.$("<li />")
.data("item.autocomplete", item)
.append("<a><i class='" + item.icon + "'></i>&nbsp;" + item.label + "</a>")
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Posted 6 years ago

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Official Response
Hi Glenn,

My guess is that the problem is that the skuid.utils.merge method always returns HTML, and when you make the API call, you need to send a text string. There are two ways you can get around this. Either way, I'd do a console.log(sid) as a sanity check:

// Option 1 --- use .text() to convert the DOM element
// that the merge method generates

// (a <div class="nx-template">)

// into a text string
var sid = skuid.utils.merge("global","{{$Api.Session_Id}").text();

// Option 2 --- use .mergeAsText() instead, which does this for you.
var sid = skuid.utils.mergeAsText("global","{{$Api.Session_Id}");