model condition using field from another model

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Since updating to Spark 12.4.7 I have several different models on different pages that were using conditions based on field from another model that are no longer working.  The models are now returning all rows, ignoring the condition.


  • Sean DowdSean Dowd ✭✭
    edited June 12, 2020
    Hi Ty, I hope you are doing well!  Is it possible that someone else changed the permissions on you without you knowing?” (if you don’t have permission to a field, we ignore any conditions on it).  Could you provide some specifics on what you are experiencing?  Here are the details of how to reproduce what you are describing.
  • edited June 11, 2020
    Hi Sean, all good here, I hope you are well too.  I created a test page and the model condition worked as expected. So I went to the pages in question and they too appear to be working as expected.

    This was an issue reported by multiple end-users and I reproduced as described.  Now it has inexplicably resolved itself, I'm not sure what to make of that.
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