Custom Domain using a public facing page getting error about theme components in v2

Jack SanfordJack Sanford San Antonio, TX 💎💎
edited April 10, 2020 in Questions
We have a public facing site:

We have added a custom domain to it

This is working in terms of showing in the URL, but it's throwing console errors

skuidReqs.js:1 TypeError: Cannot read property 'getThemedClassMapForComponent' of undefined
    at e.value (skuidReqs.js:1)
    at C (skuidReqs.js:1)
    at Object.factory (skuidReqs.js:1)
    at skuidReqs.js:1
    at l (versionScoped.js:1)
    at c (versionScoped.js:1)

I think this is because it's trying to use relative links to get the components to run the skuid page.

What's the fix for this?


  • Jack SanfordJack Sanford San Antonio, TX 💎💎
    edited March 26, 2020
    Also getting error:
    RemoTraC:1 Refused to apply style from '' because its MIME type ('text/html') is not a supported stylesheet MIME type, and strict MIME checking is enabled.
  • Jack SanfordJack Sanford San Antonio, TX 💎💎
    edited March 26, 2020
    Also I've confirmed this is a v2 issue. I partially rebuilt the page in skuid v1 and it works. I love you guys but this is really aggravating. 
  • Mark DeSimoneMark DeSimone 🛠️ 
    edited March 27, 2020
    Jack, we'll be reaching out to you directly to take a closer look. Thank you for bringing this to our attention.
  • Jack SanfordJack Sanford San Antonio, TX 💎💎
    edited March 27, 2020
    Thanks, I've had to adjust repro links to accommodate that this site is live:

    To see the error in the console go to

    It’s trying to load the same page as at

    Also you can see that works fine, using a skuid v1 page instead
  • Mark DeSimoneMark DeSimone 🛠️ 
    edited April 1, 2020
    Hi Jack, I just wanted to close the loop on this post. We checked in with you, investigated, and couldn't reproduce the issue ourselves. You believe this was likely the result of an internal org setup detail - updating that resolved the issue for you. If you have further trouble with this though, please let us know!
  • Jack SanfordJack Sanford San Antonio, TX 💎💎
    edited April 2, 2020
    Thanks for your quick help Mark. The issue seems to have been with the SSL, at least this is the only thing that changed between when it worked and when it didn't. Everything seemed fine with the SSL but when I checked the site at it got a mild error that the SSL needed an intermediate/chain SSL added on. I had to re-download the SSL certificate from GoDaddy, and take the certifcate and paste it on top of the text in the bundle file, then upload that new file. That cleared the error on ssl checker. It was a few hours later I checked if the v2 page was working and it was, so I assume the SSL was the reason. The only browser that minded when the intermediate/chain wasn't added to the SSL was an old version of Firefox on Windows, but maybe something in that blocked what skuid needed to load the page. 
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