Classic view showing in lightning for non-skuid page user

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Sooo, our contact records have a Skuid page that overrides the view state. Some of our users who do NOT use that Skuid page (but DO have access to the VF override) are now seeing the classic view...but in Lightning. I have no idea how this has happened! Ideas??


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    This has been a longstanding issue with Lightning and Skuid.  In classic,  you can effectively include a "no override" feature so that using Skuid Page assignments - selected users or profiles can go back to standard layouts.  Lightning has not implemented the url parameter necessary to do this,  and so the experience you see (falling all the way back to classic) is what you get. 

    There may be multiple ways of solving this problem, but something that comes to mind is to use the Lightning App builder assignment features to send users to different LAB pages.  One of those pages could have the Skuid page component and the other could just be standard Lightning layout. 

    Might that work? 
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    It's just so weird that it only started happening now. This page has been in production for a while now without any issue. Anyway, I'll give this solution a go. Thanks so much!
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    Rob -- this isn't working. What's weird is that the skuid page override isn't even used on ANY lightning pages. It's only in Classic. The users that use the Skuid page haven't switched to Lightning yet. But I created a new Record Detail Page for Contacts in LAB and assigned it to the users that are experiencing this and they're still getting the classic version when navigating to Contact detail pages. Did I miss a step?
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    Hey Rob -- I've gotten the workaround to work...however it just did this on yet another object over the weekend. Do you guys have any idea of why it seems to be just "kicking on" at certain times? We didn't have any updates over the weekend, and on Monday some of our users just started seeing the Classic version in Lightning for the Lead object.
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