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If we are saving the model which have 2 records. One is mark as delete and another one is for saving. and using snipped to save the model. What is the flow for saving? Firstly delete will perform or insertion.


  • Rob HatchRob Hatch 🛠️ 
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    I assume you are saving to a Salesforce datasource.  These order of operation things work in different ways based on the data source. 

    Here's how order of operations on Salesforce works.
    • We group up all transactions (inserts, updates, deletes) on a per model basis, processing everything one model at a time
    • For each model being processed, transactions are processed and committed in the following order: All Inserts, All Updates, All Deletes
    • Rollbacks occur for any single transaction that fails, unless the "Rollback on any error" option is checked
    Let me know if this helps answer your question. 
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