redirect home tab to Skuid home page, not classic home page

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To get back into the Skuid user interface, they need to click on "Skuid UI" tab (seen below). As far as user experience goes, this isn't great. and we're finding that many of them are clicking the "Home" tab expecting to be taken back to the Skuid home page, but of course they're taken to the Salesforce classic home page.

From what I've read it's impossible to remove the Home tab from an app in classic, and I don't seem to be able to relabel it either, though do let me know if you know if otherwise, as being able to remove "Home" would be the best solution.

I've tried creating a redirect away from the classic home page and back to the Skuid home page using the visualforce page below, as a custom home page component, with some good results. Though one problem is that we still have some users not using Skuid, but obviously the visualforce takes them to the Skuid home page, which isn't useful to them, how can I change this in the visualforce?

<apex:page ><script>''</script></apex:page&gt;


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    Incorporating a Skuid page into your home page layout is going to be the solution for you.  You can also use page assignments to correctly handle the various user situations you have.  Skuid for some,  standard layouts for others.  (But we ask why?  Shouldn't everyone have Skuid? The tragedy..... ) 

    Here are some resources. 

    Page assignments for Home page:

    Home Page tutorial:

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    Thanks for your swift response, Rob. Though my Skuid home page doesn't use the classic header, it uses a custom header (see below) so the links you've suggested won't work...unless I'm missing something? I need the "Home" tab to take me to the page below, and not have the page below as a small part of the classic home page.
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    We are really honored that your team is working in a 100% custom Skuid interface.  That is really cool!  It also makes my suggestion problematic. 

    We have seen people try to hack the native SFDC dom to hide the home link.  But that is probably not possible on standard layouts like the report interface you show above. 

    Another idea might be to implement a simple skuid page in the home page that only exists to redirect the user to the Skuid-Home page.  It could simply have an action sequence triggered on page load that effects a URL redirect.   You'd have to ensure it targeted the entire page and not just a single frame (That concept is discussed in the docs link I provided above).   The user experience might also be a little jarring - but since you are trying to handle an exception condition and train users in the "Skuid way"  they should only take that route on a small number of cases. 

    Hope those brainstorms help. 
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    Thanks very much for your suggestions :) 

    I hadn't realised you could create multiple home page layouts in classic and assign them to different profiles, because of this I think I've been able to resolve the issue.

    Now when a Skuid user is in classic (because they've been looking at reports), and they click "Home" on the classic tab, they're taken to the classic homepage, but immediately redirected to the Skuid homepage. It's not the most elegant solution, and it takes a little longer to load, but it seems to do the trick.

    The page layout assignment for home pages in classic means I'm able to assign a different home page to users not yet on Skuid, meaning non Skuiders aren't taken to an irrelevant skuid home page.

    If you happen to know a more elegant way of redirecting them, do let me know, as I'm not a visualforce pro!
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