can a flow screen be called from skuid actions

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can a flow screen be called from a skuid actions?


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    Via Data Source Actions, Skuid can invoke a "headless" / "auto-launched" Flow, or an invocable Process Builder process, that you have defined. To be clear --- ONLY headless Flows, meaning Flows that do not have any visual components/screens, are invocable from Skuid Data Source Actions. If a flow has any visual components, it cannot be called from Skuid.

    This is described in our documentation:
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    You might be able to get away with embedding the flow in an iFrame with a template.  Fair warning however, iFrames can get messy, but there are several posts in the community about leveraging Visualforce pages in this manner to take advantage of certain canned methods that Salesforce provides in their UI (like the approval process which Skuid now supports natively through data source actions).  

    We've used flows extensively in conjunction with process builder to replace APEX triggers for back end logic to leverage declarative tools wherever possible, but personally I find Skuid's framework way more powerful and easier to use for front-end interaction solutions than Salesforce flows screens.  I would seriously consider moving the flows into a skuid page and maybe use the wizard component if there is any sequencing necessary.  It will provide more flexibility and improve page performance for your users.
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