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I have a lot of hope and expectations for Spark and out of the box the look and feel a so much nicer.  We use the table component extensively with Millau, however we have a number of features that help to drive a full Skuid experience, such as overriding links that would normally take you back to Salesforce.

Here's a list of the initial limitations & issues I'm seeing with the table component:
  • The Picklist option for reference fields is no longer available.  This is handy for a number of references such as Record Type rather than the autocomplete.
  • The popup that displays when modifying lookup fields shows the link back to the Salesforce record and I can't find a way to modify anything in this popup other than what fields display.  Even a triple mustache doesn't help with removing the link.  Not good for communities when providing a contained app experience.
  • Template fields don't allow HTML.  It's really handy to drop in a template field to display an icon with a link or even some formatted text.  For example, we show a telephone icon that has a hover with the phone number in it that opens the computer dialer and a popup to log the call.
  • Field Snippets are gone.  We use these extensively for a variety of use cases, particularly to override default urls and keep users in Skuid (we load record detail pages in popups), run ajax calls to get around SOQL limitations, etc.  
  • The three link options available (Data source default, No link, Custom URL) don't really cut it.  Javascript also doesn't seem to work from the URL either (tried this: skuid.runtime.getPage('ENRW_Table').snippet.getSnippet('newSnippet'); and nothing fires, but this works in the console).  
  • One suggestion on the links to improve the approach declaratively would be to add a hook to the action framework as a fourth option for field links.  This would be awesome.
  • The Date Range filter throws an error when filtering on a DateTime field (i.e. CreatedDate).
  • Filters disappear in Page Composer.  It's in the XML and in the rendered page (see screenshot).
  • Child relationships just display as [object Object].  The console indicates 'Invalid component definition: "CHILDREL' is not a valid value for this attribute'.  The model processes the child relationship correctly.
  • Re-ordering fields doesn't work in the configure table popup.
  • Need to update the help-text on the export option in the page composer.  This now shows up in the table options on the top right, but the help-text still indicates the footer.
  • "Apply Filters and Search Immediately" isn't available.  This is painful for multi-select options as it re-queries every time an item is selected.
Here are some screenshots and the XML for a sample page.  I'll update this post as I dig in further:

<skuid__page unsavedchangeswarning="yes" personalizationmode="server" showsidebar="false" showheader="false" globalfeedbackenabled="true">
<model id="Account" limit="20" query="true" createrowifnonefound="false" datasource="salesforce" sobject="Account" orderby="CreatedDate DESC">
<field id="RecordTypeId"/>
<field id="Name"/>
<field id="Id"/>
<field id="OwnerId"/>
<field id="Owner.Name"/>
<field id="Owner.Title"/>
<field id="RecordType.Name"/>
<field id="RecordType.DeveloperName"/>
<field id="Opportunities" type="childRelationship" limit="10">
<field id="Amount"/>
<field id="Name"/>
<field id="CreatedDate"/>
<condition type="multiple" field="CleanStatus" operator="in" inactive="true" enclosevalueinquotes="true" name="__autofilter__CleanStatus" state="filterableoff" value=""/>
<condition type="fieldvalue" field="CreatedDate" operator="gte" inactive="true" enclosevalueinquotes="false" name="__autofilter__start__CreatedDate" state="filterableoff" value=""/>
<condition type="fieldvalue" field="CreatedDate" operator="lte" inactive="true" enclosevalueinquotes="false" name="__autofilter__end__CreatedDate" state="filterableoff" value=""/>
<skuid__table model="Account" uniqueid="sk--cX-84" mode="read" pageSize="10" rowActionsOnLeft="true" enableDrawers="true" enableExport="true" title="Table Title" allowColumnOrdering="true" allowColumnHiding="true" adaptiveColumns="false">
<field id="RecordTypeId" uniqueid="fi--cX-85"/>
<field id="Name" uniqueid="fi--cX-86"/>
<field id="Id" uniqueid="fi--cX-87"/>
<field id="Opportunities" label="Opportunities" type="CHILDREL" limit="100" uniqueid="sk--sv-167" template="{{Name}} {{Amount}}{{OwnerId}}">
<renderConditions logictype="and" onhidedatabehavior="keep"/>
<field label="Template" type="COMBO" uniqueid="sk--cd-108" template="&lt;div&gt;1&lt;/div&gt;">
<renderConditions logictype="and" onhidedatabehavior="keep"/>
<field id="OwnerId" uniqueid="fi--cX-88" redirectType="customurl" pageSize="10" window="self" rootUrl="javascript:skuid.runtime.getPage('ENRW_Table').snippet.getSnippet('newSnippet');" searchTemplate="{{{Name}}}{{Title}}" displayTemplate="{{{Name}}}{{Title}}">
<filter type="fieldvalue" operator="=" enclosevalueinquotes="true" field="UserType" fieldtargetobjects="User" value="Standard"/>
<field id="Owner.Name" uniqueid="fi--cX-89"/>
<filtering enableSearch="true" instantSearch="false" searchMethod="server" emptySearchBehavior="query"/>
<action type="multi" label="Run multiple actions"/>
<action type="multi" label="Run multiple actions"/>
<action type="multi" label="Run multiple actions"/>
<action type="multi" label="Run multiple actions"/>
<action type="multi" label="Run multiple actions"/>
<action type="multi" label="Run multiple actions"/>
<exportProperties useTableColumns="true"/>
<action type="multi" label="Run multiple actions"/>
<action type="multi" label="Run multiple actions"/>
<action type="multi" label="Run multiple actions"/>
<skuid__filter type="multiselect" conditionSource="auto" filterMethod="server" labelMode="no" conditionField="CleanStatus" conditionName="__autofilter__CleanStatus" conditionOperator="in"/>
<skuid__filter type="daterange" conditionSource="auto" filterMethod="server" labelMode="no" conditionField="CreatedDate" startConditionName="__autofilter__start__CreatedDate" endConditionName="__autofilter__end__CreatedDate"/>
<jsitem location="inlinesnippet" name="newSnippet" cachelocation="false">var params = arguments[0],
$ = skuid.$;
console.log('snippet ran')</jsitem>
<actionsequences uniqueid="sk--cK-58"/>
<styleitem type="background" bgtype="none"/>


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