I have a URL to picture and want to copy to a "field in a record"

BillBill ✭✭
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I have thousands of URL's to pictures that I want to copy to "In field on record".  One picture per record.  Is that possible?


  • David ForderDavid Forder ✭✭
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    We have quite a few Customer use cases Bill where product objects all have url's stored that display an image?

    On salesforce you need a URL type field and then to display you can do it with a formula field or with the image component on skuid?

    Is that what you were after?

  • BillBill ✭✭
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    I want to copy the pictures from the server and store them "In a field on record"
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    I think you can do this using the salesforce dataloader tool:

  • David ForderDavid Forder ✭✭
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    Hi Bill.

    As Chandra mentioned, the urls can all be copied with the salesforce dataloader tool in to a field on the object or you can use https://dataloader.io/ or other.

    If you produce a csv file listing them all you can even use the mass import tool on salesforce and select create records.

    Does this work for your use case?

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