Not able to access CSS in resource editor (Custom Theme)

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We use a custom theme and have a lot of CSS that we use in the theme itself rather than inline via our pages. In the past it has been very easy to open the theme builder and navigate to the CSS tab and then open the Resource Editor to view/edit the CSS. Now there is nothing when I open the Resource Editor. I need to modify our CSS but I cannot access it, any thoughts? (10.0.5)


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    Yes I've been seeing this intermittently for the last four months.   It happens when trying to edit inline javascript too.   I don't think upgrading skuid will help. I've seen this problem on later 11.x versions.   I my case it eventually seems to work.
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    Does anyone have any immediate fixes for this? 
  • Khamla PhimmachackKhamla Phimmachack 🛠️ 
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    Hi Pete, is this still a problem for you? I was not able to replicate this problem in 10.0.27 or the lates version of Millau 11.2.7. You mentioned nothing is happening when you click on the Open Resource Editor icon. Are you seeing any error messages in the console?
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    Yes this is still an issue for me. When I open the resource editor in the CSS tab of our custom theme, there is nothing available within the popup. Usually, I can view/edit all of our CSS contained in the theme using this method.
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