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We have started the process of switching from Classic to Lightning Experience. I have come across an issue where Chatter feed on Skuid detail page is appearing in Classic and not Lightning, we are missing all new LE features. Has anyone experienced this and knows any possible solution?


  • Mark DeSimoneMark DeSimone 🛠️ 
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    Hi Andrew,

    There is a known issue affecting Skuid in Lightning that currently prevents Chatter feeds from loading in a Page Include. There was another issue affecting Chatter in Skuid pages that was resolved in the most recent maintenance release, 11.1.13. If you're not updated to that version, I'd recommend testing it thoroughly in a non-critical sandbox, and moving to that version. 

    As an alternative, the Chatter feed can also easily be brought into the Lightning App Builder as its own native Lightning component, running alongside your Skuid page.
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    I have created Lightning App Page and added Skuid page component. This has resolved the issue with Chatter Feed however this has caused the Skuid page to load slow. It takes about ten seconds to load a simple page. What can we do to improve this? 

  • Mark DeSimoneMark DeSimone 🛠️ 
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    Hi Andrew, can you describe what is in your Lightning App page? Is there any custom code involved? How many records & fields are being loaded into the Skuid page?

    Page performance can be affected by a number of things, and it's important to remember that the Skuid page in your Lightning App page is just one of several components. I have a few general bullet points I can share from my experience with Skuid + Lightning.

    - Use Skuid Page Lightning components to deploy a Skuid page if you can. Sometimes, a custom Lightning Component will be necessary instead of a Skuid Page Lightning component, but usually not.
    - Avoid deploying Skuid pages to Lightning in Visualforce or in an iframe. Doing this means that for every Skuid iframe or visualforce page, you'll be loading a separate complete copy of the Skuid core framework. On top of that, Skuid will load another copy of itself for Skuid native in Lightning. 
    - Our engineers have identified a number of optimizations that benefit Skuid in the native Lightning environment (for example, using Lightning's navigate to page event, instead of a true URL redirect). If a Skuid page does not know it's in Lightning (i.e. if it's in an iframe or Visualforce page), the page will lose these Lightning-specific optimizations.
    - Make sure you're not running Lightning in Debug Mode:

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    Hi Mark, The Lightning App page has one detail Skuid page record. We are only loading one record, we do have related lists on the page but data is not queried on page load. We have been following Skuid best practice to improve performance which has been working well but not with Lightning App page.

    Do you know if there is anything on the roadmap on updating Chatter Component on Skuid page to use Lighting Chatter instead of Classic?
  • Mark DeSimoneMark DeSimone 🛠️ 
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    Hi Andrew. If you're seeing the Classic Chatter feed, that is probably because the Skuid page is inside a Visualforce page, or iframe of some kind. Skuid does make use of the Lightning Chatter component (as of 11.1). But Skuid will only try to load the Lightning Chatter feed if it knows it's operating in the Lightning environment natively (meaning a Skuid Page Lightning Component, or a custom Lightning component with Skuid page inside).
    Read more here.
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    Hi Mark, Sorry for the late reply on this. Using custom Lightning components with Skuid page inside seems to solve the slow loading problem and the Chatter feed appears in Lightning, however, this brings unexpected behaviour with the Chatter feed. Users are not able to comment and the posts are appearing as a link. Is there a way to correct this?
  • Mark DeSimoneMark DeSimone 🛠️ 
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    Hi Andrew. Are you able to provide any screenshots, or visuals showing the unexpected behavior? One other option folks have used is to put your Skuid page next to the native Lightning Chatter component in the Lightning App Builder page rather than having Chatter inside the Skuid page. If your page isn't interacting with the Chatter component very much, I would recommend trying this out, and it also may optimize the page load times a bit. 
  • Mark DeSimoneMark DeSimone 🛠️ 
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    Andrew, I should also tell you that I believe the Chatter / Page Include issue I mentioned was fixed in Skuid release 11.2.5, so any version past that should allow for Chatter feeds in Page Includes. 
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    Hi Mark, apologies for the late reply on this, Please see the video on the link below for the unexpected behaviour.

    • Chatter Posts/Comments appears as links
    • When click to comment a user is directed to a new page instead of being able to comment on the same page
    • Not shown in the video but mentioned users appear grey
  • Kaede HollandKaede Holland ✭✭✭✭
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    Andrew - did you ever find a solution to this?
  • Mark DeSimoneMark DeSimone 🛠️ 
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    Andrew and Kaede, I did check with our engineers about this behavior (where users are being redirected to a new page to comment on a Chatter post). They explained that the behavior is determined by the Chatter component (which is a Lightning/ Salesforce component), and we don't have any ability to reach in and change the click behavior. The fact that it's behaving differently may be because the component is making calls from inside the Skuid component or namespace, or something along those lines. So, depending on your use case, you may opt to put your Chatter feed in its own Lightning component, along side the Skuid Page Lightning component. 
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