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I have a table displaying Accounts and a row action show popup with a pageinclude of the related Contacts.   I am unable to retrieve the correct Contacts in the page include as it always pulls the Contacts for the first Account in the table row.  

My page include query string is:  account_id={{$}}.   And the condition on the page include Contacts table is set to query on page load with the settings shown below.
Any suggestions on what I am doing wrong greatly appreciated!  I swear I had it at one point but not sure how.  Thanks!  (Milau 11.1)


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    That 0 in the merge value is item 0 in the Accounts model data - by definition, the first row. You should be able to just use account_id={{{Id}}}. (You might need the triple mustache here.)
  • AnnAnn
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    That did it!!  Used triple brackets.   Thank you Mike!!
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    Here when you said {{$}}, it will always take Id from the first row in Accounts model. If I am not wrong, you can just use {{{Id}}} to pass the Id of the Account record on which you were clicking this page action from.
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