Image Field Not Displaying in Skuid

Ben KnechtBen Knecht Member
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I have a field in salesforce that shows an image. We've used the standard Red, Yellow, and Green flag images (they are .gifs); but recently, we've added 2 new image options to the field (they are .png's). Now that we added these 2 new image options, the image just shows a broken image icon on skuid pages, but it looks fine in native SFDC (screenshots attached). 

The formula for the field is below. I don't think it's an issue with the formula, I think it's an issue with Skuid not accepting .png images, as it worked just fine with only the .gif images.

Anyone have any idea what I can do to fix this? Thank you for any help!

Formula Field

Working in Native SFDC:

Not Working in Skuid:



  • Stephen SellsStephen Sells Member
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    I believe you're seeing the alternate text displayed as " " or your image no longer works. The following formula works for me on the backend of salesforce (not a formula created in Skuid)

    IMAGE("";, "Alternate Text", 16, 16)

    Skuid shows the following .png image


    I'm running Skuid Version 11.0.5
  • Ben KnechtBen Knecht Member
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    You were absolutely right, it was an issue with my formula and it was showing the alternate text. Thank you!
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