Model condition not being applied on page load.

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I'm running into something strange that I can't figure out.  Here's the basic setup:

My page contains 2 models that both have the standard Contact object in common.   Model #2 should be limited to only those records that have Contact records that are also found in Model #1.  

Here's what's happening:

When I load the page, the Conditions for Model #2 are being ignored and it is loading all records.   However, just to make sure my Condition was correct, I created a custom button that re-Queries Model #2.    When I click the custom button, the condition is applied and the records of Model #2 are limited as intended.  


When I click the custom button that re-Queries Model #2 the conditions are applied:


Here are my Models and Conditions:


I've tried everything, including completely deleting my models and recreating them and every possible combo of "filterable default on, off, always on, etc.".

Why aren't the Model Conditions being applied when the page loads instead of only when I re-Query the Model??  


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    Though i'm sure an official answer is coming down the pipeline, an easy workaround for this is to;

    Set RelatedApplications Model to not query on page load. Click your 'Needs Analyses' tab, click the 'Actions' tab and add an action that Queries RelatedApplications When First Shown.

    If i ever have issues with model relationships based on page load, i'll force sequential querying using this. I am curious to see if there's a better practice. 
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