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We have installed a managed package called DupeCatcher because we need to be able to prevent duplicates from being created, however because we are using Skuid and not standard Salesforce, it does not display the validation gracefully. How can we get this to display the way it does for standard salesforce on a Skuid page?

This is how it displays when there is a duplicate: 

window.onload = SFSSDupeCatcher_doWork; function SFSSDupeCatcher_doBlockedDuplicate() {var issueTime = '1440174236900'; var sessionId = '00Dj0000001okJ7!AR8AQKt9t1E806JdMMvwAl0h2C3AsYWR5J4MelDsjVvj6DhvnHUJB2.HGnYJMhtGxu3.mIgyf7IG88wMxlInNSM9JO0Rutyf'; var scenarioId = 'a0lj0000001XOvPAAW'; try{SFSSDupeCatcher_incrementCounter(scenarioId, sessionId, issueTime)}catch(err){};} function SFSSDupeCatcher_doWork() { SFSSDupeCatcher_doBlockedDuplicate(); SFSSDupeCatcher_testWebServiceAPI(); } function SFSSDupeCatcher_overrideTriggers() { var saveelements = document.getElementsByTagName('input'); sforce.apex.execute("SFSSDupeCatcher/OverrideTriggersForEditPage","doOverride", { id:"00Dj0000001okJ7!AR8AQKt9t1E806JdMMvwAl0h2C3AsYWR5J4MelDsjVvj6DhvnHUJB2.HGnYJMhtGxu3.mIgyf7IG88wMxlInNSM9JO0Rutyf" }); for(var i = 0; i < saveelements.length; i++) { if ((saveelements[i].name == 'save')) { saveelements[i].click(); break; } } } function SFSSDupeCatcher_testWebServiceAPI() { try { sforce.connection.sessionId = '00Dj0000001okJ7!AR8AQKt9t1E806JdMMvwAl0h2C3AsYWR5J4MelDsjVvj6DhvnHUJB2.HGnYJMhtGxu3.mIgyf7IG88wMxlInNSM9JO0Rutyf'; sforce.apex.execute("SFSSDupeCatcher/OverrideTriggersForEditPage","testAPI", { id:"00Dj0000001okJ7!AR8AQKt9t1E806JdMMvwAl0h2C3AsYWR5J4MelDsjVvj6DhvnHUJB2.HGnYJMhtGxu3.mIgyf7IG88wMxlInNSM9JO0Rutyf" }); var SFSSDupeCatcher_button = document.getElementById('sfssdupecatcheroverridetriggersid'); if (SFSSDupeCatcher_button != null) { = 'visible' } } catch(err) { } } function SFSSDupeCatcher_incrementCounter(scenarioId, sessionId, issueTime) {var scenarioQuery = 'Select Name, Id, SFSSDupeCatcher__Blocked_Duplicates__c from SFSSDupeCatcher__Scenario__c where (Id = '' + scenarioId + '')'; var state = {output : 'hello', startTime : new Date().getTime() }; var callback = { onSuccess: SFSSDupeCatcher_handleResults,onFailure: SFSSDupeCatcher_queryFailed,timeout: 1200,source: state}; sforce.connection.sessionId = sessionId; sforce.connection.clientId = 'SymphonicSource/DupeCatcher/'; sforce.connection.query( scenarioQuery , callback); } function SFSSDupeCatcher_handleResults(queryResult, source) { var records = queryResult.getArray('records'); for (var i = 0; i < records.length; i++) { var thisscenario = records[i]; thisscenario.SFSSDupeCatcher__Blocked_Duplicates__c++; records = sforce.connection.update(records); } } function SFSSDupeCatcher_queryFailed(error, source) { } DUPECATCHER WARNING! The Contact that you created was not saved.It has been blocked because the value of the Contact 'Primary Email' field that you entered is similar to the 'Primary Email' field of the Contacts listed below.Click on the links below to view or edit the potential duplicate records.Potential duplicate Contact record: Susan SmithOverride DupeCatcher

This is how it should display:


  • Rob HatchRob Hatch 🛠️ 
    edited September 1, 2016
    We've not attempted to use that package with Skuid. I don't think we really have any idea how it would work...

    Is all that javascript code actually getting displayed on the screen?  Or is some more generic error message shown? 

    What is the set up process in the standard layout.  Do you include a VF page in your Lead layout? 
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    Rob we have also had this issue with Dupe Blocker -- it does display the javascript instead of the dupe blocker warning message for us as you can see. First image is with Skuid, second is without. Any ideas? imageimage
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    I am facing same issue with dupeblocker. Can anyone suggest any solution?
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