i am not getting the axes option in chart

edited October 16, 2017 in Questions
in chart menu there is no axes.


  • Stephen Sells
    edited September 22, 2017
    If your Default Type is set to a "Pie Type" (Pie, Donut, Funnel, or Pyramid) instead of a Line Type or Scatter Type, then you shouldn't see the Axes Tab. Select "Bar Graph" type as an example and you should see this:

  • Matrix
    edited September 22, 2017
     hi Stephen Thank you for your reply .yes i was using pie chart.
    i ll be pleased . if you please tell about series.
    Suppose i have two amount one is software Business amount another marketing business amount how can i build a pie chart two show both. how to set in series.
    please help
    Thanks in advance  
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