Is it possible to include a visual force snippet within a skuid page?

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Hello, I have several skuid pages, which are within Visualforce pages on Salesforce, which is all good. additionally I am using an app exchange product called "Yardstick" to monitor who views these pages (as they are used within a community of customers). This works fine.

However I want to monitor when people open specific drawers, rather than the whole page. 

The company replied with the following:

Yardstick does support tracking different sections/tabs within the same VF page. You would use multiple tracking components in the same page and name them different - something like this:

 <ystick:yardstickTrackClick yardstickUrl="{!$CurrentPage.url}" yardstickPageName="Page Name - Section/Tab 1" />

 <ystick:yardstickTrackClick yardstickUrl="{!$CurrentPage.url}" yardstickPageName="Page Name - Section/Tab 2" />

However as the visualforce page is just referencing a skuid page, I'm not sure how to include this snippet within the draws?




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    Hi Laura, 

    We spoke today, but I wanted to post this reply here. Two responses to your question:

    1. From the technical side, if you embed Skuid in a VF page (tutorial:, you can reference anything in Skuid from the VisualForce page. So if you wanted to use VF or JS to reference the dom for the drawer on a specific row, you can do that. 

    2. From the business side, there is a much more scalable solution using Skuid's declarative features. You can use the Actions Framework to "monitor" specific user actions. The way I would do that here is to add two Before Load actions to the drawer:

    - create a new row on a Task object model, with auto-populated values for the WhatId (the row in context) and the subject ("{{$}} opened Detail Drawer")
    - save model (Task)

    This means that whenever the user opens a drawer, it will auto-create a task saying that they performed that action. You could choose to do this a number of different ways; the point is that you can do it declaratively with Skuid actions.

    Let me know if you have any other questions. Thanks!

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