UI only formula field issue

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I'm trying to create a formula field to return "Yes" or "No" to use in a button to set a picklist value based on another field value. Does anyone see any glaring issues with this formula? IF(CONTAINS({{Fee_Structure__c}},"Billed"),"Yes","No")


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    Not sure how "contains" works in the UI only formulas. You may want to try {{Fee_Structure__c}}="Billed"
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    Ashley that formula looks fine, you're using the CONTAINS correctly. It is a case-sensitive function however, could that be the issue? Alternatively it may just be an issue with your process, can you shed any additional light on what your current action framework is?
  • Zach McElrathZach McElrath Principal Software Engineer Chattanooga, TN 💎💎💎
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    The Formula looks good --- what behavior are you experiencing when this is used?
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