Is there any way to hide the Label on a Template Field?

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I would like to hide the Label part of a Template Field so the Template data can use 100% of the row and not be shared with the Label data and Template data.  So I don't want a blank Label, I want the label to not be on the page at all, just display the template data.

See below.image


  • JG GBCJG GBC Member
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    Hi Jeffrey

    Try this:
    display:none !important;
    If you want to do that just on one particular field, add a class to your field.
    .yourClass .nx-basicfieldeditor-item-label{
    display:none !important;
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    Beautiful.   That worked perfectly.

    Thank you very much.
  • Paul HealdPaul Heald Member
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    Create an inline css class with the following code

    .hidelabel .nx-basicfieldeditor-item-label{ display:none; }

    then on your template add in the css field the following

  • Paul HealdPaul Heald Member
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    you have to be pretty quick around here!
  • Zach McElrathZach McElrath Skuad
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    Or you can use the "Label above Field" Display mode on the Field Editor, and change the Label to a single space, e.g. " ".
  • Rob HatchRob Hatch Skuad ✭✭
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    Zach for the win! 
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    Thanks everyone for the assistance.  I now have this working with two solutions (CSS or  Field Editor settings).
  • AvinashAvinash Member
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    I Have the same question. What CSS should i use to hide only one field in the field editor? I don't understand the word yourClass in the above comment . can you tell me how to solve the issue. Thanks.
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