How to make a read only page refresh within the Sales Console?

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Hi there,

I am using a Skuid page from within the SFDC Sales Console and I would like the Skuid page to force refresh every time a record from within the list is saved. image

Here is a screenshot of the Skuid page on the left hand side and the related account record on the right hand side. The Skuid page is read only so whenever a user clicks on the account name, it will be displayed as a tab on the right hand side. My ask is how to make the left page force refresh when the "Call to Action" field is saved on the account object?


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    If I follow you correctly, you want to query (refresh) the 'left hand side' model, when the field 'Call to Action' is updated (and saved) on the related Account.  If the 'left hand side' and the related account are part of the same Skuid page (and not a queue and page include), then you can add a model action to your Account model.  It will fire whenever the related Account is saved and refresh the 'left hand side' model.  If you want the refresh to be granular (i.e. only trigger when the 'Call to Action' field is modified), then you'll need to change the model action to run a custom snippet.  This is the only way to detect the change in the 'Call to Action' field upon saving.


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    Hi Bill,

    Thanks for the reply. The lefthand side is a Skuid page, but the right hand side is the native Salesforce account page. These pages are included within the Salesforce Sales Console so a user could have multiple account tabs open in the righthand window. I guess the refined question is: Can I have the lefthand Skuid page refresh when the righthand native salesfoce page is saved? 

    I have tried to add a model action, but I don't think it is triggering when the native salesforce page gets saved. 
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    The Salesforce page is not 'setup' to talk to the Skuid page.  This would require customization to both to enable this level of functionality.

    Is there anything 'special' about the account detail page in the sales console?  Couldn't you recreate the functions/features of the account detail page using Skuid?  Then the refresh would 'come for free'.


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