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I can't figure out why the custom object tab refuses to highlight when using a skuid page assignment override. I'm using the instructions from the tutorial, but still after clicking on the tab the "Home" page highlights instead. Here's the Page Assignment:

And the VF page:

And the Skuid page properties:

Why isn't the tab highlighting? Hopefully I'm just being dumb and missing something obvious, but what?


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    Did you try this per the troubleshooting section?
    • In your VF page markup, try changing {!redirect}? to {!redirect}& or vice versa.
    Do you need recordSetVar?
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    Hi Peter,

    I'm guessing your org has a managed namespace. If so, you need to include your namespace in the override property.

    mynamespace__Class__c should probably work.

    Also, it works if you just use the label of the tab as well. Let me know if either of those methods don't work.
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    By "managed namespace" do you mean a Salesforce custom domain ( sandbox? Sites URL? Portal? Community? We actually have all of the above - I'm testing currently in a community of a full sandbox of an org that has a "my" domain. I haven't gotten any of the combinations of anything mentioned above to work.
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    Peter, I believe he means a namespace.  ala Setup > Build > Create > Packages 
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    The easiest option is to just use the label (probably "Class" in your case)
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    We haven't created any packages, so there isn't a "managed namespace" that I know of. Using the tab/object label doesn't work.
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