how to select a particular record from table and display results in another tab

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I would like to be able to 'select' a record from a table as shown in Pic 1 and have the results from that selection display as show in Pic 2-- but only the results from the selected record (right now I have a tab called Resume Results with the table displaying all records. I want the results of the record 'selected' from the Resume Results to display in the Resume tab). Can someone tell me how to do this?




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    Maybe I'm being daft.  How is this different than showing a single detail record when you click on its name field in a summary list?  You can use a template field to wrap the name field in an href tag and send it to a specific skuid page.  The code would look somthing like ths   <a href="/apex/skuid__ui?page=YourPageName&id={{{Id}}}>{{{NameField}}}</a>    

    You can also do somthing similar as a row action on your table. 
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    Tracy, Are you familiar with table drawers?  If not, they are almost as good as a Cafe Allonge and Chocolate Croissant!  This helps with the issue of swapping between tabs.  

    Check out this tutorial:

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    Thanks , I'll try this.
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    Thanks, I'll try.
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