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Has anyone been able to add a progress bar to the wizard component?  I looked all over this community and did not find anything.

Here is an example of what I am trying to accomplish.



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    For now I simply used the Step Label to display "Step 1 of 7"... but I know I can do so much better ;)  

    Thanks in advance if someone has a solution.

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    Hi Michael,

    Here is an example that implements a Progress Bar as a Basic Custom Component. The Custom Component uses the Wizard's "currentstep" property (documentation forthcoming) to determine what progress to display, and listens for the wizard's "stepchange" Event to know when necessary to reevaluate progress.

    For this example, we have a Wizard on our page, which we give a unique Id of "MainWizard", so that we can uniquely refer to it with jQuery.

    The wizard has 2 steps.

    We put our Custom Progress Bar component in the right panel of a Panel Set. 

    Then we define our WizardProgressBar Component by adding a new JavaScript Resource of type Inline (Component):

    Here is the code for the Custom Component's body:
    var element = arguments[0],   
       $ = skuid.$;
    element.append($('<span><b>Wizard Progress:</b>&nbsp;</span>'));
    var progressBar = $('<div>').css({
        width: '400px',
        padding: '4px'
    var progressByStepId = {
    var wizardEl;
    var updateProgress = function(){
        var wizard ='object');
        var currentStep = wizard.currentstep;
        var progressValue = progressByStepId[currentStep];
        console.log('progress value: ' + progressValue);
        wizardEl = $('#MainWizard');
        // Determine initial progress
       // Set up a listener so that whenever our wizard's step changes,
        // we recalculate progresss
    And here's what it looks like in action (not styled very well, but i'll leave that to you :)

    STEP 1

    STEP 2

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    Zach's one looks good. If you want another option, we do a little animated progress bar that shows where a client is within a standard workflow process. It could easily be repurposed to your need. We pass in the percentage value and the colour for the bar from a custom object, but you could hard code them of course.

    Here's the inline snippet:
    function stageGaugeInit(){     //The HTML template element where the gauge will be rendered     var gaugeBar = skuid.$('#animate');     //Get the % complete from the merge field in the HTML template     var percentComplete = gaugeBar.attr("data-progress");     //Get the client record     var theClientRecord = skuid.model.getModel('Client').getFirstRow();     //Get the gauge colour from the related Stage record     skuid.$(gaugeBar).css('background-color', theClientRecord.cloupra__Stage__r.cloupra__Gauge_Colour__c);     //Set the gauge width, animation and label     skuid.$(gaugeBar).delay('1500').animate({         width: percentComplete     }, 1000, "swing", function() {         skuid.$('#stagelabel').text(theClientRecord.cloupra__Stage__r.Name);     }); } //Run the stage gauge on page load skuid.$(function() {     stageGaugeInit() });
    And here's the template that it renders into:
    <div id="stagegaugecontainer">     <div id="stagelabel">     </div>     <div id="outer">         <div id="animate" data-progress="{{{ cloupra__Stage__r.cloupra__Percentage_Complete__c}}}%">         </div>                </div> </div>
    And it looks like this to the user:

    I could fill you in more if you need more info.
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    This is fantastic! I am unable to get the progress to show. It is showing the text percent instead of a visual representation. I would greatly appreciate any help you could offer. Thank you!

    inline snippet:
    function stageGaugeInit(){    //The HTML template element where the gauge will be rendered
        var gaugeBar = skuid.$('#animate');
        //Get the % complete from the merge field in the HTML template
        var percentComplete = gaugeBar.attr("data-progress");
        //Get the client record
        var theStateProgramRecord = skuid.model.getModel('StateProgram').getFirstRow();
        //Get the gauge colour from the related Stage record
        skuid.$(gaugeBar).css('background-color', '#0000FF');
        //Set the gauge width, animation and label
            width: percentComplete
        }, 1000, "swing", function() {
            skuid.$('#stagelabel').text("Percent Complete");
    //Run the stage gauge on page load
    skuid.$(function() {

      <div id="stagegaugecontainer">    <div id="stagelabel">
        <div id="outer">
            <div id="animate" data-progress="{{State_Summit_Percent_Complete__c}}%
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    Looks like you have too many curly braces on this line:
    <div id="animate" data-progress="{{{{{Account.State_Summit_Percent_Complete__c}} }}}%">
    You should only need 3 on each end. Are you getting any errors in the Javascript console (Ctrl + Shift + J in Chrome) ? 

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    OK looks like you fixed that but make sure that the template field is on the right model. Sounds like it should be "Account" in your case.
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    Hey Moshe! Thanks for the quick reply. The template field is inside a field editor and the field editor is on "Account". I still don't get the progress bar though.

    Here is what my template looks like now:
    <div id="stagegaugecontainer">
        <div id="stagelabel">
        <div id="outer">
            <div id="animate" data-progress="{{{Account.State_Summit_Percent_Complete__c}}}%">
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    Does it help if you try it as a stand alone template that gets dragged into the page?
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    I am not sure I understand. Are you saying drag the template out of the field editor?
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    You can drag a template field into a page independent of a field editor or any other container. I have a hunch that you may have to do that here.
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    I did as you suggested and used a template field just on the page, still no luck. Here are what the template options look like. "StateProgrm" is the Account
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    OK try placing whatever merge syntax your trying to use at the top of the template. Basically start a new line, and type in:
    My test to confirm : {{{Account.State_Summit_Percent_Complete__c}}}
    Without Account prefix : {{{State_Summit_Percent_Complete__c}}}
    If anything shows up, you know that the issue is with something else, but if it remains blank, you may be trying to pull in the wrong field or spelled it wrong etc.
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    The without Account prefix information shows up
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    OK so try it like that. If it still isn't working, you probably have an issue with your snippet, in which case I would recommend taking a peek at the Javascript console...
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    Here is what the Java Console shows:
    Resource interpreted as Image but transferred with MIME type image/x-win-bitmap: "".jquery-1.4.2.js:21 (anonymous function)jquery-1.4.2.js:11 c.extend.readyjquery-1.4.2.js:18 Lskuid__ui?page=ActionReports&id=001E000000KF3rnIAD:1 GET 404 (Not Found)
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    Using Zach's example works well for me - except in a popup that has a page include of the page with my wizard. Is that a known problem? Everything worked fine until I added the progress bar, and removing it made it load again in the pop-up. . 
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    Try changing this line in the Custom Component's body:


    To this:

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    That works! Thanks
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    Hey guys! For a slightly different way to do this, check out the open source progress indicator component that we just posted.  It hooks into your Wizard (or a Tab Set) and shows users where they are in a process.

    It looks like this:
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    That link is busted, need to remove some characters at the end, this should work:

    Thanks!! Looks great
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    Awesome! Big Thank You!

    I've been looking to create a progress indicator that looks exactly like this ever since seeing demo screenshots for the Lightning Experience.

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    Thanks, Jack! Hopefully the link is fixed now :)
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    Has anyone implemented this on a site? I had it working fine until I got the to overwrite, now my links to static resources are busted I suppose?
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    Make sure you are using public caching for your static resources and that you are using relative URLs (/resource.css rather than Also make sure that your URL Rewriter isn't being over-aggressive and rewriting your static resource URLs.
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    It's cached Pubilc and we're not using the URL rewriter (yet), any other ideas? I think it might be something simple like the Site User doesn't have access to it, but I can't figure out what "it" is to give the site user access to, how do I assign access to a static resource? Thanks
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    I'm having trouble editing the CSS on the component pack. I'd like to be able to edit progressindicator.css then re-compress the folder and re-upload. But every time I do that I get a skuid error at runtime:
    1. An error occurred while attempting to load the "progressindicator" Component Pack. There may be an issue with the name or location of your Component Pack manifest files. Error: Unable to retrieve content of file

    Is it because I'm just using the Mac default compress folder function? Do I need to do some kind of different way to make the folder into a .zip? 

    All I want is for the font to be a bit smaller :)
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