Update lookup field on row to null via row action

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I'm trying to null out a lookup field on row using a row action but it's not working.  Any ideas?

<action type="multi" label="Remove Property" icon="ui-silk-basket-delete">    <actions>
        <action type="updateRow" fieldmodel="Domains" field="Opportunity__c" enclosevalueinquotes="true" value=""/>


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    Will...I am not sure why your row action 'as-is' does not work.  I was able to do this declaratively by creating a second model that I do not load on page load nor create a new row for.  This is an empty model (you'll see Skuid reference this as a 'proto' model).  I selected the Id field that I want to update (in my case AccountId).  In my row action I set the value of the lookup field to the Id from my 'empty' model.  Since I have not loaded any data into the model, this Id field is empty/null.  It does clear the lookup field.  Here are some screen shots.


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    Pat Vachon has also pioneered a solution here.  Create a UI only field called "Blank"  its default value should be blank.  Then pass the value of this field into your lookup field in your action framework step.   

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    Nice!  Thanks!
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