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I have one model "Backorders". In "Backorders" there is a user lookup field that I need two filters to work on. When I create the two filters they do not work independently. If I enter data in filter 1 (include) it will show in filter 2 (exclude) and vice versa. 


Filter 1 (Include): Is a multi-select option that will filter based on a user(s). So if you type in Stevie Wonder only Stevie's records will appear.

Filter 2 (Exclude): Is a multi-select option that will exclude user(s). so if you type in Stevie Wonder all records except Stevie's will appear.

I need the two filters to work independently that when I type something in the exclude filter the include filter stays blank.


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    Possibly create a calculated field, set it equal to user name, then create a separate filter based on that field?
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    Hi Raymond,

    Thank you for your suggestion. I thought of that but then the field would not be a reference field so I can not do a multi-select filter. Thanks for the suggestion.
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    Tami,  this is not going to be possible, if you are just using one field and want to use the mutlipicklist filter type. 

    The multipicklist filter only lets you use automatic conditions - which means they are only of type "Include"   I don't think you could do an "exclude" mutlipicklist condition even it stood on its own. 

    If you used a normal picklist filter you could create a second condition on the model that excluded the particular value.  But that would be just one at a time.  I think its the best we can do at this time 
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    Hi Rob,

    Thanks for the clarification.

    I was able to get the "exclude" to work when it stood on it it's own by choosing "not in", but it breaks when I add another multipicklist filter on the same field (as you know).

    I also tried a manual filter via a condition however that resulted in showing the same user name multiple times in the filter list.

    The last think I tried was building a filter using the action framework, condition, and another model to to do the exclude (you wrote a post detailing how to do it) but I can only search on one name at a time because it is a lookup field. 

    I wanted the best of both worlds but I guess that will not be possible today!

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