Conditional Rendering for table global actions

Matt SonesMatt Sones 💎💎💎
edited May 8, 2019 in Ideas
I know, I know... I can just use a Page Title component button. :)

Still, it would be handy, and while you're working on conditional rendering of table columns, seems like it wouldn't be too hard to add.
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  • edited March 2, 2017
    Happy to announce that Conditional Rendering will be added to Table Mass and Global Actions in the next major release of Skuid!
  • edited May 8, 2019
    Any update on Conditional Rendering for Table Columns?
  • Rob HatchRob Hatch 🛠️ 
    edited September 1, 2016
    Gonna have to wait a little more for that one.  Sorry Irvin. 
  • edited May 8, 2019
    Thanks for the quick reply.  Bummer as it would support a number of use cases.
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