Strange Error in Calendar Popup Relating to Time

I started getting this Error when I try to schedule an appointment in the Calendar, and the calendar doesn't popup.


I know that it is kind of vague, but I am wondering if its something known.

I've restored previous version that I know were working and I still get the error.  I started getting the error last night.

Any ideas?



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    Did this just start happening recently? I.e. was it working on a page and then just stopped working, without any changes on your end? 

    Something to check: make sure that both the "Start Field" and "End Field" in your Event Sources' Models are (a) in your Model and (b) createable by the User
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    Hi Zach,
    Thank you for responding.

    This started happening last night.  And Yes I have been working on it and making changes.

    The strange thing, though, is that I restored version of the form all the way back to the 14th of this month and I still get the error.

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    I got it working back to a previous version.  I also had to restore a JavaScript library I had changed.  I am going to recreate what I was working on and hopefully I won't run into that error.

  • Rob HatchRob Hatch 🛠️ 
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    Glad you got things fixed.  I was worried for a minute but unable to reproduce the errors in our orgs. 
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