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How do I format multiple models within one table? 

Model 1 within current table: Account Name; Request Summary; Request Detail. All from Accounts. These display as I would like in single rows.

I would like to add a column for Next Event Date, presumably from another model based from Events.



  • Emily DavisEmily Davis ✭✭✭✭
    edited March 2, 2017
    Right now, it is not possible to include multiple models in a table. You can view fields from related objects (e.g. parent objects), but everything must come directly from a single model. How are you planning to tie records from these two models together (i.e. which event fits with which account)? Are you using a Javascript resource? If you are not able to access the event directly through the account model, I would recommend a row action in the account table with a popup that allows the user to view information about the next event. You can then include a field editor tied to your event model in this popup. However, you might still need some custom Javascript to connect the event with the account (view our Javascript API reference here). Hope this meets your needs!
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