Dropping Custom Field into URL on Template Component

edited March 7, 2017 in Questions
This should be an easy one.  

I have a template field in a field editor component and I am trying to do a simple link to a Salesforce report where I am passing in a field value.  However, it looks like Skuid forces the custom field to be displayed.  

My setup.  You can see my template link is: 
<a href="https://my.salesforce.com/00O50000003v1Ir?pv0={{Household__c}}">Report</a>;

But the result is this:

What I want is the just the word "Report".  Why is it displaying the Household__c value?? I have tried enabling and disabling 'Allow HTML'.  Same behavior.

What do I need to do to my template link so that it drops in the custom field into the URL and only displays the proper text?



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