We have Skuid UI build for Oppty creation

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Use Case: We want Price Book to be selected based on a certain field value on Oppty.

Example: if Oppty Field A value = "1" then Price Book 1
if Oppty Field A value = "2" then price book 2 should be selected.

Just wondering how I can achieve this?


  • Germany3
    Germany3 🛠️ 

    Hey @SkuidUserName ,

    It seems like you would have to statically build out the logic to identify that specific price book and map out the static name of that field.

    For example: on your opp model, add a UI-only field that uses a case statement that would return the name of that price book. Then add a condition to where you set the price book name on the price book model.

    I hope that helps, and let me know if you need me to clarify anything.


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