Intermittently loading data from Salesforce

I have a Skuid page that will intermittently load data. Many times it will say there is no data and then a few minutes later it will say that it is "Unable to Connect to Server (transaction aborted: timeout)". Other times, it will say no data and then a few minutes later it will display data.

Many of our models are not set to query on page load but they will be queried after the page has rendered. This was done to try to speed up perceived load time. Models set to be queried once a tab is selected load just fine.

How can I figure out which model or other problem is causing the timeout?


  • Hi Jamie, here is what I would do to find out which model is related to this issue:

    1. Clone the Skuid page
    2. Delete one of the models & save the page
    3. Preview the page to check whether the issue persists
    4. If yes, repeat step #2 and #3 until the error is gone

    That way, you delete the models one by one and it will hopefully lead you to the model in question. Next step would be to check if the issue is related e.g. to the Model settings, or the Data Source. Does that make sense? Please let me know if this is helpful for you!



  • Thanks @Luzie Baumgart . This seems like a good methodology. It might get a little messy with all of the UI elements attached to models but I'll give it a try.

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