How to Auto-populating a Lookup Field value into a Skuid page

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  • Rob Hatch
    Rob Hatch 🛠️ 

    There are a number of ways to pre-populate data using Skuid. Here are some notes.

    1. Model Conditions: Though you think of model conditions as executing a "Where" clause in a query of existing records, they also prepopulate data on new records. Generally you set up a model that retrieves the lookup record (maybe an existing Account - based on URL parameter) and then on your "Contacts" model you set up a "field from another model" condition to inject that Account ID and related data into the New Contact Record.
    2. You can also use an action sequence to create the new record and either prepopulate data as a subaction of the "Create Row" action. Or as a subsequent action.

    If your prepopulation is just returning an ID and no name field - it is probably that you don't have the lookup record loaded anwhere on your page and Skuid has not been asked to query the name value related to the ID. Make sure either specifcally update the Name field (under the reference), or have the full record loaded as a model so Skuid can find it.

    Let me know what you run into here. Again - lots of ways to do this. And depending on the method you select, a few ways to run off the rails.

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