problem initializing a component of type skuid__labelInput: Cannot read property 'neccesityAddendum'

There were 1 problems with this Skuid Page.

1: There was a problem initializing a component of type skuid__labelInput: Cannot read property 'neccesityAddendum' of undefined

This error occurs when I query an object. If I skip the action Query Model I do not get the error. The page works as designed in my sandbox but fails in production. Which leads me to believe something is wrong production object.

4skuidReqs.js:2 TypeError: Cannot read property 'neccesityAddendum' of undefined

  at E.updateStyles (skuidRuntime.js:2)

  at Object.E.o.forEach.r.<computed>.cpi.<computed> [as updateStyles] (skuidReqs.js:2)

  at E.init (skuidRuntime.js:2)

  at B (skuidReqs.js:2)

  at Function.createFromDefinition (skuidReqs.js:2)

  at Object.<anonymous> (skuidReqs.js:2)

  at Function.each (vendor.js:2)

  at q (skuidReqs.js:2)

  at E.createChildComponents (skuidReqs.js:2)

  at E.createChildComponent (skuidReqs.js:2)

s @ skuidReqs.js:2

Any ideas?😓


  • Hi Bill! Our product team is currently investigating this issue.

    Affects: Form style variants created using the "clone" button when a required field is present at runtime

    Workarounds: Use the default style variant, or a new variant created using the "add" button rather than the clone button.

    Sorry for the inconvenience and we'll let you know when the issue is resolved.

  • That is the problem.

  • I have tried:

    Default, Ink, Lightning, Product Tour and a custom Design system and they all work. My custom design system "MyDorothy" creates the error.

  • Anna, is there a solution for this issue?

  • Hi Bill, not yet. The product team is looking into this and we'll let you know when it's fixed on the product side.

    For now the workarounds are to use a different design system or with your "MyDorothy" design system create a new form variant using the "add" button - this new variant should work without throwing the error.

  • I have made nearly 100 component modifications in Which component is causing the issue?

  • It will be one of the Form component custom variants. I suggest creating a page with a simple form with a required field on it and testing out your different form variants to see which one is causing the issues.

  • Here is where one of the errors is occurring in Design System. If I make a copy of the “field” component with no changes. Then in a wrapper I put a currency field and mark it “Required”. I get the error.

    It does not happen if not required or if I use the default style.

  • Is there a solution?

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