Select multiple users and create task records

Can anyone point me to information or a tutorial on how you could show a table or list component of contacts where a user could select specific contacts from that list and then create a task for each contact? I think this could all be done in Skuid, but I'm not clear on exactly how.

Related to that, is it possible to take the selected contacts and pass as a collection into a Salesforce flow? I'm trying to understand what's possible.


  • You can use the mass action function of a table to select the rows you want to execute an action sequence for, then it will run that action for each row. So your action sequence would be to create a new task and you could pass in variables from the contact record into fields of that new task on creation.

    You can launch flows from Skuid, but Iā€™m not sure if you can pass in an array without JavaScript. You should be able to use the process above to run a flow for each row though.

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