How to trigger action sequence when a wizard tab renders

Have a five step wizard and the fifth step is a page include. When that page loads, I want an action sequence to run. I see that action sequence can be triggered by Skuid : Page Rendered, but how do I trigger that event without that action sequence running on all wizard tabs?


  • Germany3
    Germany3 🛠️ 

    Hello @Brian G !

    Is it possible for you to share the XML so I can try to help reproduce and fix your issue?

    Also, here is a helpful doc that could help you out as well.


  • Hi @Germany3 . I don't see a link to the doc you mentioned.
    As far as the XML, just take a simple example of a five step wizard. How do I get an action sequence or snippet to run only when step5 loads? I haven't been able to find anywhere how to solve for that, so don't have any sample code in that regard.
    Appreciate the help!
  • Germany3
    Germany3 🛠️ 
    edited March 8, 2021

    @Brian G  

    event-triggered action sequences could work. Also, on the button that navigates to step 5, you could add whatever actions you want to run.

    In addition, you can trigger the AS when hitting “next” to get to step five.

    let me know if that helps.

  • Brian G
    Brian G ✭✭
    edited March 8, 2021

    @Germany3 so the problem is that step five has a page include, so I need the action to run when step5 and page include renders, so can't put the action on step4 button.

    For example, from the doc

    but how do I trigger AS only to run when step5 Skuid Page: Rendered event is published, as other steps have page includes as well.

  • Germany3
    Germany3 🛠️ 

    @Brian G to clarify,  what page do are you reffereing to when you say  When that page loads,.are you talking about the page with the tabs or the page includes a page in the tab?

  • @Germany3 here is the base setup of my flow:

    5 step wizard:

    Step1 - field editors

    Step2 - field editors

    Step3 - field editors, button that opens popup with page include

    Step4 - field editors, button that opens popup with page include

    Step5 - page include

    When the page include on step5 opens, I need an action/snippet to run that uses and updates data from the page include

  • Seems like you could add the on page render action sequence to the included page, not the parent page. Then, each time the parent page loads the page include, it will kick off the page render action sequence.

  • Brian G
    Brian G ✭✭
    edited March 15, 2021

    @Skuidward Tentacles (Raymond) that's the part I can't figure out - how to set that up. To add a bit of complexity, the page rendered is used elsewhere, too, and the action I want to run within this flow would not run when the page is rendered from the base pages.

    update - actually, that may not be a concern, as I can have the action only run if a particular piece of data shown on the screen is not updated. I still don't understand, though, how to set up this - "add the on page render action sequence to the included page"

  • On the page that is being included (not the parent), edit that page and ad an event triggered action sequence set to "Skuid Page Rendered". You could even create a new page and leave it mostly blank other than the action sequence then add that page include as well to your wizard step. Here is an article on action sequences.

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