Filter out 'Ids' from Field History models?

When changing a lookup field in Salesforce, 2 instances of FieldHistory objects are created, one that has the Salesforce ID in the Old/New value field, and the other that has the Name of the lookup object that was changed in the Old/New value field.

Is there any way in SKUID to filter out the instances where a Salesforce ID is in the Old/New value field on FieldHistory objects?

Doing a search online finds a way to do this in APEX, basically identifying if the field is an instance of a Salesforce ID but we can't utilize these tools in SKUID (or is there a way to do that with javascript perhaps?).

List<AccountHistory> ach = [SELECT Id, Account.Name, Field, OldValue, NewValue 
                            FROM AccountHistory 
                            WHERE Field = 'Owner' 
                            ORDER BY CreatedDate DESC];
List<AccountHistory> targetAch = new List<AccountHistory>();
for(AccountHistory ah : ach)
    if(!(ah.NewValue instanceof Id))

How might we be able to go about filtering out these fieldHistory rows that show Salesforce IDs in SKUID?



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