Opportunity Clone with related Objects

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I am trying to clone an opportunity and its related roles and products. I currently have a page that uses a wizard for our reps to create an opportunity with roles and products in three steps. What I am looking at doing, is adding functionality to the current wizard, so that when created from an existing Opportunity, the page recognizes it, and copies information from the original to the new. I have this working so it recognizes the opportunity, and adds the details to the tables on the second and third pages, but it is not saving the related child records to the opportunity. I appreciate anyones help!


  • You will find answers to all your cloning questions in this tutorial: https://docs.skuid.com/latest/v1/en/tutorials/pages/custom-clone-page.html

  • @"Rob Hatch" Thank you for the info. I tried this before, and again after you posted this to make sure I didn't miss something, but unfortunately this is not working for me. I am in v2, so I am not sure if that is the issue. I have tried this method, with no luck. I also tried the method linked in the article for cloning accounts, which did not work, either. I was attempting to go down the route of action framework, but could not get the ID to update after an adopt row situation. Any other ideas or guidance on the action frame work path?
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