Solutions for uploading a file to a new record

In situations where a user is creating a new record, providing the option to upload a file to that record becomes tricky because the record must be saved before uploading a file. Traditionally I have solved this one of two ways

  1. Hiding the file upload option until a user clicks a button that triggers a save action, but this makes uploading a file a 2 step process - not the best user experience.
  2. Saving the record right after creation so that the file upload is immediately available. The problem is that this doesn't work well if there are required fields that must be filled out before saving, and you have to deal with deleting the record if the user decides to cancel the process.

I thought I would put this out to other Skuid wizards to see if anyone has come up with a more elegant solution to this tricky scenario.


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  • Leave it to the original Skuid Wizard to provide the answer!

    Thanks, this is great - exactly the kind of trick I was hoping to find.

    Kudos to @Chris Stern!

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